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Barbara Guest, 1920-2006

Barbara Guest, American poet and the better (if imperfect) of the two biographers of H.D., died yesterday.

I didn't know her poetry at all until reading a few pieces this evening, but I was won by 'Wild Gardens Overlooked by Night Lights':

The light of fiction and light of surface
sink into vision whose illumination
exacts its shades

Incidentally, I don't know whether Ms Guest was related to the aristocratic British-American family of Haden-Guest, which would have given her a H.D. connection (H.D. had an affair with the heir to the Haden-Guest barony in the 1920s). (And trivia: the current holder of the barony is actor-director Christopher Guest.)


Thanks very much for the link. I hadn't heard of her poetry either, but that is a very arresting piece. Nice use of light and dark.
You're welcome. I'm glad you found it interesting.